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Calculate the doses of fertilizers for your aquarium


Select the fertilizer (one or more) and write the quantity in grams, the calculation will start automatically
You're adding to your aquarium the following quantities (ppm | mg/l)
Element Results in ppm | mg/l KH/GH
Nitrate (NO3) 0 n.a.
Phosphate (PO4) 0 n.a.
Potassium (K+) 0 n.a.
Calcium (Ca++) 0 GH 0
Magnesium (Mg) 0 GH 0
Iron (Fe) 0 n.a.
Manganese (Mn) 0 n.a.
Zinc (Zn) 0 n.a.
Other elements that are adding (ppm | mg/l)
Element Results in ppm | mg/l KH/GH
Carbonates (CO3) 0 KH 0
Bicarbonates (HCO3) 0 KH 0
Sulfate (SO4) 0 n.a.
Sodium (Na) 0 n.a.
Chlorides (Cl) 0 n.a.
Total KH Total GH
0 0
TDS & EC (conductivity)

These results need to be read as absolute, don't sum these to your actual TDS or EC of your aquarium

TDS (mg/l | ppm) μS @ 25°C (Celsius) - Europe
0 0